We design businesses –be Retail, Real Estate, Hospitality et al. With our collective knowledge, exposure and experiences across varied businesses and countries, we function holistically. We connect the dots from diverse yet relevant origins to create a brand new business. This includes: Literature, Film making, Art, Neuroscience/Cognitive Psychology and so on.

Who we are

Outliers, innovators and pioneers exploring the new –in every which way and sense. For over twenty three years, we have created retail brands and branded environments. Along the way, made marketing films, communication, narration of the client’s branded stories, enhanced visually the brands. In addition, contributed creatively to feature films, done production design and customized props, trims and curios of complex nature for varied industries.

100Clients in various industries
1000Projects completed in the Indian cities and overseas

Our team

Multi-skilled minds with multi-national experience in design projects of every kind. In addition, this includes: Cognitive and Social Psychologists, Feature film makers, Production Designers, Writers and Thinkers. RD&M members have a unique POV in designs and concepts that are effectively appropriate and complementary.